How to play Vitaventure:

All you need to play Vitaventure is your imagination! Vitaventure is a game that uses the real world as its platform.

Purpose of Vitaventure:

To gamify your daily work - like homework - turning it from a chore to a treat!
We will provide you with some original background music that will help you stay focused on the task at hand (with descriptions of each song and when it is best to play it!) and a weapons loadout help you fight your way to victory!
To synchronize the music to the task, choose one of the two game modes for Vitaventure: Battle or Explore. Battle is recommended for repetitive tasks like mathmatics calculations. Explore is recommended when you are learning new content. Each mode includes guidelines on the construction of the prefect battlefield for your work, so go ahead and check them out!

Game Elements:

We recommend familiarizing yourself with each basic element, to ensure that your experience with Vitaventure is as enjoyable as can be!

Imargy - Imagination Energy. Imargy is the fuel of our imagination. The more Imargy you have, the more you will be able to fight and manipulate the world around you to defeat your tasks! Your mind slowly produces Imargy. The only way to get more Imargy is by resting, so make sure you do not work for so long that you run out!

Knowledge - Knowledge is created by converting raw Imagery. Information that is solidified in your mind can be recalled using Imargy! Remember: you can not create knowledge if you are tired, because you have no Imargy...

Tasks - Tasks are creatures that represent the work you have to complete, like homework, tests, or employment. Tasks will attack you, and the only way to defend yourself is to use your Vitablade armed with the correct Knowledge.

Vitablade - The key weapon in Vitaventure. The Vitablade is a magical blade that will always have your back.In order for Vitablade to be effective against Tasks, it must be armed with the right Knowledge. The Vitablade uses Knowledge for power, so, the more you know the more powerful it becomes. If you attack a Task using the Vitablade armed with the wrong type of Knowledge, you will not be effective. Learn as much as you can about a subject to be able to take down Tasks with ease!

Stamina Gauge - Stamina takes on many forms. If you are studying or working, your stamina gauge is how long you can efficiently work before you run out of Imargy. If you are physically exercising, then your Stamina gauge measures how long you can work before you get tired. Your Stamina Gauge ranges from being in Burnout all the way to Imargy Overdrive!

Knowledge Orb - Knowledge Orbs are symbolic representations of learning new things. Knowledge Orbs can be found anywhere. They are more likely to appear when you are searching for new knowledge (Studying during Explore mode). This Knowledge is already refined, so no need to use your Imargy for these! If you learn something in class, a Knowledge Orb will appear!

Knowledge Potion - After a Task is defeated, it drops a Knowledge Potion. Knowledge Potions contain Knowledge Orb extract, enough to solidify the skill you are learning. To use a Knowledge Potion… drink it! Different knowledge has different flavours!

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