PHASE 2 logo

Out with the old and in with the new!

Logo Games is moving onward and upward and you are adventuring with us!

Hey you... Wanderer! We have got some exciting news here at Logo Games. After three years of operation, and constantly striving for improving your experience, while making sure we stand high above the crowd... we have decided that it is time to put the petal to the metal and shift into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE!!

What does this all mean? It means that we are working harder than ever to bring you the most entertaining and innovative services we can! Shifting from PHASE 1 to PHASE 2, you will notice a couple of changes with how we run things. First off, more people are working here at Logo Games. All those pretty images are from them! Speaking of which... Who ARE those two dudes on the sides of Logo?

Logo's Crew

Well, the one on the left is DVC. He is the second guy to join the Logo Crew, and he does most of the artwork for Logo Games, as well as assisting on the programming for the games.

As for the guy on the right, thats Idast. He helps mainly with programming, as well as some other administrative things.

There are more guys in Logo's Crew, but you will have to wait to find out more about them!

Second, a brand new Logo Radio is around the corner!

Logo Radio logo

Make sure to check back as often as you can on the Logo Radio page to see what updates have happened since you were last there!

And lastly... A BRAND NEW COMPANY!

Logoapp! logo

"Logoapp!" is a company like no other... we are serious. Don't believe us? Well you will have to check in with ur boi Logoapp as often as you can to see what ridiculousness he and his crew have gotten into. Trust us, you won't regret stopping by Logoapp! often, there will lots of stuff that is new.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand thats it for now! Thanks for stopping by Logo Games, and we hope you come on by again while you are out there wanderering in the endless void of space.