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Snowman Run is a Christmas themed game, where the player controls Frostbyte the Snowman through a cave filled with icicles and snowballs hurdling at you. The game mainly relies on reaction time for gameplay.


Snowman Run was the third game released by Logo Games. Unlike the previous two games, it did not come in the form of a .jar file. The game is the only game from Logo Games that was released on Christmas Day to this date. It was also the last game to be released before the "new" Logo Games was announced. A period of almost two years before the next game was released from Logo Games.


Snowman Run is a Christmas themed arcade-type style of game, where the player must avoid the massive icicles and snowballs of varying sizes hurdling at you at increasing speeds. The game only ends when the player dies. The player dies when the player hits an icicle or a snowball. Only game released from Logo Games to date where the game occupies the full screen.

Link to Game:

Snowman Run along with all of the other Logo Games can be found under the "Games" tab from anywhere in Logo Games.

Snowman Run main logo

Official logo for Snowman Run

Release Date: December 25th, 2016