Logo Radio

Logo Radio is an online music streaming service hosted by Logo Games. The service allows listeners to listen to their favourite video game soundtracks in an endless loop, much like how it is within the games the soundtracks originate from.


Logo Radio was created with the idea of the Logo Games community interacting with each other, through the medium of music. The main focus for Logo Radio is to share the great music many video games create, as they are just as outstanding as the games they are from. The previous version of the Logo Radio platform used the Plug.dj website to host its different channels. Logoapp stated that he was not satisfied with the platform at that time and stated that a new version of the platform was under development during Summerfest 2018. The new Logo Radio has been released as of November 25th, 2018. The first theme released on the platform was an original created be Logoapp, called "Welcome to Logo Radio!"


The landing page for Logo Radio is the same style that the rest of Logo Games is. From the landing page, you can choose which "Station" you want to listen to, as well as learn more about the service, and check the release calandar to see when future soundtracks will be available.

Link to Service:

Click this link to be taken to the Logo Radio landing page.

Logo Radio logo

Official logo for Logo Radio

Launch Date: June 25th, 2016