Logo Games

Logo Games is a video game/online services company. The company's website bears the same name. First launched on November 25th 2015, it has developed multiple video games, and online services, like Logo's Star, and Logo Radio.


Logo Games was created by Logoapp on November 25th 2015. As the name implies, the company is built around the character, Logo. To view the full history of Logo Games, consider reading Logo Games' Blog.


Logo Games is known for having an out of the ordinary design for its website. The background colour of the website is black, with having the majority of the text on the website being light green. The reasoning behind the odd choice of colours is because the website is designed after old computer monitors in the 80's, back when many major tech companies of today were still in their infancy. Logoapp has also stated that the reasoning behind the odd choice of colours is because a black background makes viewing the site easier in the dark, and green for the text because his favourite colour is green.

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Logo Games logo

Official logo for Logo Games

Launch Date: November 25th, 2015

Important Dates: Logo Day (November 25th), Summerfest (June 25th)