Logo is the main mascot for the Logo Games company. Created by Logo Games founder, Logoapp, Logo is at the center of the entire company, with the company being built around the character. He is described to be very adventurous and willing to take on a challenge, yet he often worries about the outcome of an event.


Logo was created by creator of Logo Games, Logoapp, back in August of 2007. The intention of his creation was to build a brand around Logoapp's projects. Logoapp wants people to notice his branding easily by having Logo present either in or on the product.


Logo has a distinct face, having signature brown hair in the form of three rising spikes. He is often seen with an open mouth smile, in varying sizes. He usually is seen wearing a green long sleeved shirt. He, like all other sprites are shorter than average human height. Logo does not have a confirmed height, but the average male height for sprites is 4 feet and 8 inches.


Logo (Character)

First public photo of Logo. Image created by Logoapp.

Species: Sprite

Creation Date: August 2007

First Appearance: November 25, 2015 (Logo Day 0)

Latest Appearance: Sumemrfest 2018