Last Life Left

Last Life Left is a third person shooter game relased by Logo Games. The final version has not been released, but rather the beta version for the game is currently available in the form of a .jar file. The player must fight to survive the impending doom of being surrounded by a hoard of zombies.


Last Life Left Beta was the second game released by Logo Games. It was the first shooter game to be released from Logo Games. Last Life Left was launched on Logo Day 1 (November 25th, 2016).


Last Life Left is a simple arcade-type style of game, where the game ends when the player's health dropps below 0. The player can move around the screen by using the "w" "a" "s" "d" keys. The player's health slowly decreases for every second the player is not shooting the zombies. The player gains health when a zombie is shot. The player can use a time freeze to shoot as many zombies as possible, while the zombies are frozen.

Link to Game:

Last Life Left along with all of the other Logo Games can be found under the "Games" tab from anywhere in Logo Games.

Last LifeLLeft main logo

Official logo for Last Life Left

Release Date: November 25th, 2016