Gold Nugget Rush

Gold Nugget Rush is a hoard game (similar in style to Last Life Left, where the player must avoid competing miners from stealing your motherload! Gold Nugget Rush represents the ending of an era for Logo Games, and marks the beginning of a new one. The game was the first game that Logoapp programmed himself.


Gold Nugget Rush was the video game that Logoapp created for his final project in Computer Science. Logoapp always planned for the game to be released onto Logo Games. Gold Nugget Rush is the fourth Logo Game to be released.


In Gold Nugget Rush, the player must control the main miner (black circle), by using the arrow keys on a keyboard. The player needs to touch the gold (yellow circle) in order to gain the points. For each gold nugget found, 250 points are added to the score. The enemy miners (red circles) follow the player, and if the player touches them, they will lose score quickly. If the player's score drops below 0, then it's game over! With every gold nugget the player obtains, a new gold nugget will appear at a random place on the screen. Watch out, as with every new gold nugget, comes a new enemy miner!

Link to Game:

Gold Nugget Rush along with all of the other Logo Games can be found under the "Games" tab from anywhere in Logo Games.

Gold Nugget Rush main logo

Official logo for Gold Nugget Rush

Release Date: June 25th, 2018