Falling!! is the first official game launched by Logo Games. The game was released in the form of a .jar file, and could be downloaded directly off of the Logo Games website. You play as Logo in the game, falling from the sky, and trying to not let debris get in your way while trying to stay on the screen.


Falling!! was the first official Logo Game, and would end up setting up the main file format that Logo Games would use to distribute their games. Logo Games is the only game at the moment to feature Logo as the main character.


Falling!! is a very simple acrade-style of game, where you control Logo as he falls from the sky. The player uses the "a" and "d" keys to move Logo left and right. If Logo goes too far to one side, he will appear on the other side. If Logo goes off screen vertically, then it's game over!

Link to Game:

Falling!! along with all of the other Logo Games can be found under the "Games" tab from anywhere in Logo Games.

Falling!! main logo

Official logo for Falling!!

Release Date: June 25th, 2016