The Escape

The Escape will be the first story-driven game created by Logo Games. The game will be in the mystery genre, and serves as an introduction into the Logo Multiverse. The game will also be the first to have a real visual aspect to the game.


The story for the game was conceived in May of 2016. The story's script and characters were developed from June-August of 2017. The game's beta version is expected to be launched around Summerfest 2018.


There will be limited movement for the player. Instead, the player will have to tap certain areas on the screen to investigate that area. The player must solve their way out in order to complete the gay.

Link to Game:

The game is not available yet, but it will be found on the Google Play Store. The game will have a direct link to the store page through Logo Games' game page.

The Escape current logo

Unofficial logo for The Escape

Release Date: Not released yet