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Here you will find recordings of important updates and milestones for Logo Games!

June. 10, 2019: "lol the crew and I are back" - Logoapp

December. 24, 2018: We would like to wish every Wanderer a happy end to the year. Go make some hot cocoa and spend time with the ones you love!

Happy Holidays!

November. 25, 2018: "Logo Day 3" was a major event in Logo Games history, as it brought in a new and improved layout of the site, as well as introducing PHASE 2. For more information of what PHASE 2 is, click here. With PHASE 2, a brand new Logo Radio was launched, which is still under development. Make sure to check out the progress here! More artwork was released for the site to make it more eye-catching as well as a BRAND NEW COMPANY! "Logoapp!" is a brand new company that was launched to operate alongside Logo Games. Make sure to check it out here!

June. 25, 2018: "Summerfest 2" brings forth some long awaited requests people had for Logo Games. Logo Games released its official merch store, as well as launching the Logopedia. The Logopedia is a place where you can learn more about the characters, games, and history of Logo Games. We also launched our first game on the Android platform, Gold Nugget Rush!. Gold Nugget Rush was also released as a .jar file as well, as a parting gift from us for the platform that we started on. Logo Games will now focus on releasing their game only on the Android platform for now. Yes indeed, Logo Games is moving onward and upward! Stay tuned for Logo Day 3!

November. 25, 2017: "Logo Day 2" brings its promise of a brand new Logo Games! Logo Games has a completely new User Interface that fits any screen, and it is much easier to use. We also bring fourth our best and newest game yet: "The Escape". Due to time constraints, we were only able to release the first part... But the development is still very much active! We also released our brand new merchandise, as well as this blog. We will see all of you soon!

June. 25, 2017: "Summerfest 1" brings the world no new game, but rather a brand new Logo Games! We recognise that our site has a bad User Interface, and this drives people away! We state that we are back and working like never before! We promise that "Logo Day 2" will be an amazing one!

January. 10, 2017: Development temporarily stops for Logo Games, due to poor planning, and Logoapp's first FRC build season, and Kobai's last.

November. 25, 2016: "Logo Day 1" occurrs. Logo Games launches its second game, "Last Life Left Beta" due to lack of time, Logo Games was not able to release the game in its final version. This caused the filler images of the zombies to be Haunters from Pokemon. We have not had time yet, but we soon will revisit this project and fix the issue!

June. 25, 2016: Logo Games' first "Summerfest" occurrs. The original idea for summerfest was to create a lemonade stand, although, due to lack of sales (Probably due to the fact that the guy selling the lemonade is in Middle School) we decided to turn "Summerfest" into Logo Games' second biggest event of the year! On the same day, our first official game "Falling!!" was released! We also released our radio service "Logo Radio"!

December. 4, 2015: First game is put onto our site. The game is called "Dots Beta". Due to a potential copyright threat, we no longer sell the game, however the project has not been dropped!

November. 25, 2015: Logo Games is launched. Logoapp (Founder) celebrated the first Logo Day with Kobai (Co-Founder). Logo Games did not have any games yet. The first Logo Day was called "Logo Day 0"